Silo Scales

Dual Silo Scale

Do you have a silo that you need to know how much is in it?  This may be a silo or silos on an asphalt plant that you would like to have a better idea of how much you have left, more so than just a high level or low level alarm.  On a Lime plant for treating aggregate, do you wonder how much lime you have left ?  Can you handle another load ?

Our silo scales can be added to the legs on your silo.  Holes are drilled and load cells installed and wired to a scale indicator in the control room.  This allows the operator to know how much he has left in the silo.  If  your state department of transportation requires a low level alarm to prevent segregation when loading trucks, this will satisfy the requirement.

 The display on the scale will change colors based on the Alarm levels and there is an audio alarm.

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