Polyester Concrete Control

Control of the production of Polyester Concrete Overlay with a volumetric mixing truck requires that you monitor and control 4 items.  The Aggregate usually is two parts Sand to one part 3/8" Rock.  The Resin proportion is generally 12 % of the total aggregate weight.  Catalyst for the Resin varies around 2 % of the Resin.  Our control system can monitor and/or control these 4 materials.

For existing trucks that need to meet the Calif. Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) test specification CT109, the control system can help.  Monitoring the amount of aggregate and resin, data logging and verifying calibration is required by CALTRANS.  The control system does this, meeting all the CT109 requirements.

Planning to convert a volumetric truck to produce Polyester Concrete ??  We can help by proving controls, flow meters, pumps, mixing tubes and tanks.  We can do as much of the conversion in labor and materials as you need.

The full Polyester Concrete Control System monitors the flow of the two different aggregates, allowing for control of the ratio between the two types.  This ability to adjust the ratio will help meet the material grading requirements.  Our Resin pump and flow meter is automatically controlled to provide the correct percentage of Resin to Aggregate.  The Resin has an automatic valve control that only injects the Resin when the belt is delivering Aggregate.  Catalyst is controlled to the percentage of Resin entered on the touch panel display, allowing for changes while running production.  The Catalyst has an automatic valve control to follow the Resin, if Resin is diverted and not being injected, the Catalyst diverts as well.

The Polyester Concrete Control System has a programmable logic controller (PLC) controlling the system.  Input is a touch panel display to allow input of parameters, calibration and monitoring production.  A printer prints the datalog information as well as being saved on disk for later access.

Operating Panel


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