Liquid Anti-Strip Systems

Our Liquid Anti Strip systems can be adapted to work with the Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) additives to asphalt cement.

The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) specifications for adding Liquid Anti Strip (LAS) are very defined as to what they allow.  Our LAS systems are installed on both Batch and Continuous asphalt plants.  They have passed the 109 test and certification required by CALTRANS.

The LAS system is typically a metering device that is interlocked with the asphalt plant controls and has the data-log capability that CALTRANS requires.

Our LAS system has a 500 gallon tank with heaters, heater control, level indicator, pump driven by a variable speed motor and a coriolis meter.  This is all mounted on a skid allowing it to be moved very easily.  In the Control room, there is a separate control box and computer that ties into your existing plant controls.  On Batch type asphalt plants an addition box must be mounted on the tower.


Continuous or Drum asphalt plants use the following control panel in the Control room to enable and run the LAS system.

Drum or Continuous plant need to have a mass flow meter on the asphalt oil for operation.

Operator enters the Mix Name, Target % of LAS to Oil and the Aggregate Moisture content.  Turning the pump ON and in Auto, putting the LAS System to START is all that is required.  When the plant begins injecting oil into the mix, the LAS injects into the oil, in the percentage selected.  When the control for the plant adjusts up or down the LAS will follow automatically.  When the plant diverts the oil, the LAS will divert also.


Batch asphalt plants use the following control panel in the Control room to enable and run the LAS system.

Operator enters the Mix Name and the Target % of LAS to Oil. Turning the pump ON, Circulating to the Tower, putting the LAS System in START and adjusting the LAS flow rate for the plant is required to begin operations.  As each batch is mixed the system will load the LAS necessary and as the oil is added to the mixer, the LAS is added to the oil.

The LAS systems are interlocked with your plant controller and scales, the process is automatic.  Operator may choose to disable LAS for a batch or mix type as required and then turn back on as needed.

We have installed the LAS System in many different plants with different controls, each installation is semi-custom but they all work.

To get a general idea of the amount of LAS that you may use in a mix:

Asphalt oil 5.2% and LAS 0.5%, if you made 5,000 tons of asphalt mix in a day, you would use 260 tons (65,000 gallons) of asphalt oil and need 1.3 tons (325 gallons) of LAS.  

 The LAS usually has to be heated to insure consistent flow, the LAS tank that is offered has its own heaters and control.  The tank holds 500 gallons of LAS, refilled at the end of each day, it would be ready and up to temperature the next day.

Our Liquid Anti Strip systems are targeted for the California market and CALTRANS specifications.  If you are in another state don't need everything, call us and we can configure a system for your asphalt plant.

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