Wilderness Technology, Inc.

We design and manufacture Industrial Control systems, many are used in the construction industry. 

Our systems satisfy the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) requirements for accuracy and data log capability.

Our latest control system is for Polyester Concrete.  The volumetric trucks that mix normal concrete, portland cement, are being converted to make polyester concrete.  Check out our newest control system.

Liquid Anti Strip injection systems for use by both Batch and Continuous asphalt cement plants is another product.

Lime Slurry Marination  and Dry Lime Marination plants to treat aggregate for use in asphalt cement plants.  

Silo Scales that can be added to your existing silos to weigh their contents and set alarms for High and Low levels.

Auger Scale that allows the weighting of lime or aggregate fines to add back into the asphalt cement mix as a separate mix ingredient.  This will better control the amount of asphalt oil used in different mix designs and help control the amount of fines in the gradings.  This scale can be adapted to weight and material that can not be done on a standard scale belt system.

We do Setup and Repair services on asphalt and lime plants.  If you have a problem with the electrical controls on your plants, we may be able to fix it or replace the control system.

Phone (530) 547-5682 or email INFO@WILDTEC.com